About Foilacar Manila

We have been around in the country for quite awhile. We brought the car wrapping system from Dubai where it all started. The technology was not really new as it has been around in Europe for the last 15 – 20 years but its application were mainly for commercial like taxi cabs and bus adverts and government utilities like police cars, ambulances etc. It was in Dubai where it was used to wrap exotic cars extensively and where the trend peaked up.

We figured why not bring it to Manila and from there we started working on the idea. We brought trained specialist like ‘foilers’ who got their training from Germany and mechanics who have the experience with exotic and expensive cars. In late 2009, Foilacar Manila opened and we were surprised about its acceptance with our target market. So far, we have already three car boutiques at convenient locations to serve you and we are planning to add more to bring Foilacar Manila closer to where you are.

As a car boutique, we have brought in product lines that changed the way people think about modifying their cars. We started in the country; the colored and textured foil wrapping system, clear film protection foil, and custom car designs. What separates us from our competitors is simply our quality. From workmanship to design conceptualization to materials used, we are unparalleled.