Foilacar Manila is now known as Foilacar Industries

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Car Protection

protectIconThis is what you get with our full body color foil. We protect your car’s original paint condition. We use high quality foil film that can follow your car’s body contours. It can protect your car’s paint from effects of weathering, scratches, paint chipping and even acts of vandalisms.

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Car Design

designIconWe can do design conceptualization. We have a team of design artists who create design ideas according to your preference and taste. We design the whole car outlook not only with the color changes but also from how the wheels will match to the new color, to the body trimmings that would complement your car’s new look. In short, we can do a total makeover for your baby.

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Color Change

colorIconWe have a wide range of color film to choose from. Even special film colors can be arranged for a one-of-a-kind creation. And it’s not only color film that we can offer but also different film textures. We are talking about matte, gloss, chrome, brushed aluminum finish and more.

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